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Joseph 的評分: 4 (Joseph 的個人網頁)

2004-10-14 22:44 來自香港Joseph有以下留言:


I have come back to HK. The trip is great. I have seen over 40 lions/lioness, ~8 cheetahs, several leopard, countless other animals.

I saw cheetah hunting in one morning game drive. it happened only 100 metres from our lodge. Some zebra and giraffe also come to your lodge garden.

The ballon ride last for 1.5hours and it is a unique experience to fly higher than eagle and bird. The ballon rise ~80 metres and speed at 20km/hrs (data from GPS data). Very smooth drive and we can see hippo, bird, zebra..... from ballon.

I take 3800pcs photo and it is really exciting trip. I suggest to carry single lens reflex digital camera with at least 300mm zooms. Otherwise you will miss a lot.

End Sept is not the best season but still a lot.

<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2004-10-15 00:45 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:


Sam Ho 的評分: 3 (Sam Ho 的個人網頁)

2004-11-12 11:34 來自香港Sam Ho有以下回應:

Hi Joseph

When you have been there & How long you have stayed??? You are so luck.

300mm just a standard lens, I have carried 400mm f2.8 and 600mm f4 to take shot. But, I must say 300mm lens plus D camera is similar to 400mm lens plus using normal film camera.

Joseph 的評分: 4 (Joseph 的個人網頁)

2004-11-13 08:07 來自香港Joseph有以下回應:

Hi Sam,

I travel to Kenya from 25,Sept,04 to 4,Oct,04. I spend total 7 night in Kenya. It is my second time in the East Africa country.

My lens is not so good (cost less than HK$ 1000) and it is a zoom with small aperture. But I am lucky because the animals come very close including cheetah and leopard and the size of them can occupy a whole picture. I can even see the small leopard lying on a tree with less than 3 metres from our 4-wheel drive. I have a lot of eye contact with them and time to take shot.

My driver tell me Sept. is not the best season. While in July and Aug, you will see more. But for me,the experience in Africa is enough and it exceed my expectation. Next target is Antarctica and I will buy a "more" pro. lens for next trip.

Thanks for your comment on the equipment.

Sam Ho 的評分: 0 (Sam Ho 的個人網頁)

2005-02-15 15:41 來自香港Sam Ho有以下回應:

Hi Joseph

I can't believe that Sept/Oct are not the best season be there. nearly all the traveller coming around the world would like be there at that moment. why??? they want to see the wild animal migation. all the hotels/lodges would be fully booked. advance booking is 6mths.

besides, is it real that u can see alot of animals from the ballon???? u are the first one i hear to say that.

soooooo, ......


A民 的評分: 4 (A民 的個人網頁)

2004-10-11 17:55 來自台灣A民有以下留言:

如果喜好浮潛(徒手潛水).建議您前往帛琉(PALAU).魚兒成群....水下能見度高...極優 !!

Sam Ho 的評分: 3 (Sam Ho 的個人網頁)

2004-10-11 15:23 來自香港Sam Ho有以下留言:

hi echo:)so late to read yr message, during arrived at down town of kenya, there was so many agents...u can get what information u want n u may start yr trip at next day. it is not the best be there in july. early of sept should be at tanzania, middle of sept should be at kenya. anyway hope u enjoy the trip.

Jack 的評分: 5 (Jack 的個人網頁)

2004-10-08 00:45 來自香港Jack有以下留言:


<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2004-10-08 01:08 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:

好像有幾盞小燈,但要充電可能沒有 (4700m 那間更加肯定沒有)。我當時未有數碼相機,所以沒有刻意找電,不太肯定。

VV 的評分: 4 (VV 的個人網頁)

2004-11-22 20:54 來自香港VV有以下回應:


renee 的評分: 5 (renee 的個人網頁)

2004-10-03 17:42 來自澳洲renee有以下留言:


我计划12月下旬圣诞节前去埃及(如有可能约旦)大概14 天,budgeting 和班主差不多, 哪位有兴趣请和我联系,我的

female preferred



kpchung 的評分: 4 (kpchung 的個人網頁)

2004-09-29 20:38 來自香港kpchung有以下留言:

Anybody can help me that how the elephants sleep? stand up? orlay down?

<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2004-10-02 12:08 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:

Interesting question. They should lay down when sleep. More info here:

py 的評分: 5 (py 的個人網頁)

2004-09-22 00:11 來自馬來西亞py有以下留言:

扫兴!和本地几家旅游社询问竟然没有一家肯定出发往埃及。我和朋友还给了马币1000令吉 DEPOSIT 但是由于人数不足无法如期出发!现在还等消息!


Wilson 的評分: 4 (Wilson 的個人網頁)

2004-09-18 21:08 來自香港Wilson有以下留言:

Hi Joseph,

I have been to Kenya this summer for 22 days. I think I suit to say something about your tour.

1. Is your tour expensive? I don't think so. Let me show the price of my tour for your reference. I joined a 10 days safari, including 2 nights of lodge in Sambura, i night of budget hotel in Lake Nakura and Mt Kenya respectively, 2 nights and 3 nights of camping in Ambosli and Masai Mara respectively. This big safari costs me US$990. And then I joined a night of Treetop hotel, not the Ark Lodge. I forgot the exact price. It's about US$270. I do remember if I am alone in the treetop hotel, I'll pay US$400. Fortunately, another Chinese shared the room with me. That's why the price could be reduced so sharply. See! You'll stay at full-board lodge throughout the safari plus a ballon safari and a night of Ark Lodge. Your price is reasonable.

2. I didn't try a ballon ride. My Chinese friend who tried it told me that the ride was okay but never expect to see many animals from the sky.

3. It's sensible of you to book a tour before your departure. As you told, you'll reach the airport at 4:40 am. It is very dangerous to go to the downtown without any local accompanying you on the first day of arrival. It's better for someone to pick you up at the airport.

3. I haven't been to Lake Borgina. I have no comment. Definitely, Lake nakura is a must-go.

4. I don't know about Ark Lodge. I can only say treetop hotel (the oldest one) has no private shower and a toilet. Its room is very small. Undeniable, spending a night over there is a wonderful experience. Many shining stars and a bright moon was above me. At the same time, some wild animals were below me. You can't find it like this elsewhere. I figure out the Ark Lodge will be better in term of facilities.

If you would like to ask for more information before departure, please don't hestitate to reply me at the following e-mail address:

Have a noce trip!

Joseph 的評分: 5 (Joseph 的個人網頁)

2004-09-25 02:46 來自香港Joseph有以下回應:

Hi Wilson,

Thanks for your advice. I will depart tonight. Hope to share more after I come back.


Sam Ho 的評分: 4 (Sam Ho 的個人網頁)

2005-02-15 15:13 來自香港Sam Ho有以下回應:

Hi Wilson

Nice to know you got the great trip.

HaHaHa!!! had being to Kenya in Sept06/to Tanzania in Feb & July07. I think my experience is almost outday la!!! But I totally agree with what you say.

Hope oneday I would visit there again n pls give me yr information.


月影羅剎 的評分: 4 (月影羅剎 的個人網頁)

2004-09-17 18:05 來自馬來西亞月影羅剎有以下留言:

this page is so cool!be the best^_^

好奇寶寶 的評分: 5 (好奇寶寶 的個人網頁)

2004-09-16 21:54 來自台灣好奇寶寶有以下留言:

我沒去過埃及 但我很喜歡埃及ㄉ那種神秘感 真ㄉ很棒!!

DEMIAN 的評分: 4 (DEMIAN 的個人網頁)

2004-09-20 03:06 來自埃及DEMIAN有以下回應:

我現在就在開羅寫信給你,這是我第二次造訪埃及(主要是商務旅行), 埃及的古文明當然要來瞧瞧,但要有心理準備的是這邊的交通很紊亂,幾乎沒有紅綠燈(長長的一條路可數的出來啦),吃的還好,買東西記的要先坎50% off,早晚溫差大,保暖衣物需要

小帥哥 的評分: 5 (小帥哥 的個人網頁)

2004-09-09 21:37 來自台灣小帥哥有以下留言:


mm 的評分: 3 (mm 的個人網頁)

2004-09-04 13:15 來自中國mm有以下留言:


Joseph 的評分: 5 (Joseph 的個人網頁)

2004-08-29 01:07 來自香港Joseph有以下留言:

Dear Webmaster,

You web and information is helpful.

We (total 3 persons) plan to Kenya starting from 26.09.2004 and visit Samburu,Lake Bogoria,Lake Nakuru,Masai Mara

Total 7 nights and 8 days USD1920 in Kenya trip (not include ticket,~HK$6K) per person which will include:-

*full board basis and night in lodge include one night in Ark Lodge
*by private 4-WD Toyota Landcruiser with detachable roof
*Ballon ride in Mara

1) Do the price is okay?
2) Do Ballon ride worth? It cost ~US$360 per head.
3) I think maybe it cheaper when we find local tour in the airport (4:40am in the morning!!). But we can imagine that the situation will be very confusing since we may meet so many agents in the airport!! Am I right?
4) Do Ark Lodge is good?
5) Do Lake Bogoria and Lake Nakuru is very similar? Do we go both or choose one is okay.

If everyone can tell us some hint, we will much appreicated.

<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2004-08-31 11:28 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:


我聽過肯亞當地找 agent 的價錢約 80-90 美元一天,但露營和要夾其他人 (應 4-5人/團)。住 lodge 和在海外預訂貴些正常,如包熱汽球我估價錢都「近磅」,但我想最好你多問幾間比較。

熱汽球的價錢差不多,值得與否見仁見智。其實我都很想試,就是嫌它太貴。如純為乘熱汽球就不必了 (土耳其、澳洲只需一半不到的價錢),但想從空中近距離看動物則是另一番感受。

Lake Nakuru 我認為是非去不可的,另一個我不太清楚,如又是看紅鶴可能不必了。

J.W 的評分: 3 (J.W 的個人網頁)

2004-08-27 17:53 來自台灣J.W有以下留言:


venusl 的評分: 0 (venusl 的個人網頁)

2004-08-27 17:42 來自香港venusl有以下留言:

我剛剛去完一個月非洲,我去了肯亞、坦桑尼亞及南非,網主,很多謝你,因為你的資料非常有用。以下的資料希望能為將去非洲的人提供方便。我發覺原來坦桑尼亞的生活指數較肯亞為高,我和兩位朋友在肯亞參加safari 只須70美元一天,但坦桑尼亞則要105美元一天,當然我們是在nairobi參加的,可能會較在arusha為貴。我們出發前曾在網上訂團,但價錢較貴,所以我建議到nairobi 才join tour,而且記緊要求旅行社將所有包括及不包括的東西白紙黑字寫下,例如用的車、每團人數、接送的地方及次數等,因為我發覺他們有時會抵賴,而且記緊為自己爭取,我們就成功爭取包括礦泉水及出團以五人為上限。另外,記緊為自己爭取較佳價錢,因為在肯亞同我們一團的2 位瑞士人就要110美元一天。我發覺在坦桑尼亞全部都用只可載5人的toyota landcruiser較肯亞的九人小巴為佳,所以在肯亞一定要旅行社定下出團最多的人數。另外我們去了Serengeti, Ngorongoro, Manyara, Taragire, Amboseli, Masai mara and Nakuru,我覺得各有特色,都是很值得去的。希望這些簡短的資料會對各位有用。

<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2004-08-28 23:26 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:


似乎每位留言的朋友的東非 safari 經歷都很精彩,引得我愈來愈想再去了! ^_^

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