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aesot 的評分: 5 (aesot 的個人網頁)

2005-08-17 13:39 來自中國aesot有以下留言:


<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2005-08-17 14:30 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:


中國地大物博,本來也有很多野生動物的,但隨著急速開發,野生動物棲地已愈來愈少。最可惜中國至今未見有以真正在野外尋訪野生動物為題的野生動物公園 (或許是我孤陋寡聞吧),同樣人煙稠密的印度卻有不少看老虎、野鹿、犀牛和獅子的國家公園。


aesot 的評分: 5 (aesot 的個人網頁)

2005-08-18 09:34 來自中國aesot有以下回應:


<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2005-08-18 10:06 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:


Elza 的評分: 5 (Elza 的個人網頁)

2005-08-17 09:20 來自香港Elza有以下留言:

Hi! Wing,

How can you join the said company? By HK agent or though internet.


Wing 的評分: 5 (Wing 的個人網頁)

2005-08-17 23:42 來自香港Wing有以下回應:

I found it via internet. I asked many safaris company for prices and details of itinerary.
Of coz all of them are members of KATO. I want to tell u "African Jacana Safaris" is really really a small safaris. But their driver guide is quite good. Their name is Sammi & joseph.
I recommond u to stay at ARK instead of TreeTop.

Elza 的評分: 5 (Elza 的個人網頁)

2005-08-16 08:28 來自香港Elza有以下留言:

Hi! Wing,

African Jacana Safaris give a quite attactive price for me.

Private safari
9D/8N in Kenya 3N camping and others lodge include 1 N at Treetop.
USD 1292

However, my budget is for a small group safari so it still out of my budget.

What's your commend on their services? Any guide you recommend? Can I request for him?

Thanks a lot!
The Best Camp reject to reduce the max. group size. And the package I plan to take was sold out. He recommend me to take the more expensive one. USD 1355 for 7D lodge safari. So I think I will not join them.

Have you heard a organization call "kenya professional safari guides association"? If the company offer me a guide who is not their member but have government, is it possible? Reliable?


Elza 的評分: 5 (Elza 的個人網頁)

2005-08-16 09:37 來自香港Elza有以下回應:

Typing mistake. The last question should be

If the company offer me a guide who is not their member but have government licence, is it possible? Reliable?


<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2005-08-16 14:01 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:

I haven't heard that. Hopes other readers who have traveled to Kenya can help you.

YY 的評分: 0 (YY 的個人網頁)

2005-08-15 23:37 來自台灣YY有以下留言:


廖本祐 的評分: 5 (廖本祐 的個人網頁)

2005-08-14 20:56 來自台灣廖本祐有以下留言:


tinywitch 的評分: 5 (tinywitch 的個人網頁)

2005-08-14 18:18 來自香港tinywitch有以下留言:

your website is always my favorite! i followed your tips to go to egypt not two months ago. and now i'm studying the east africa one for my next trip. really useful and great!

<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2005-08-15 17:43 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:


It seems that you fall in love with Africa. Huh? ^_^

Your travel photos with toys are interesting. It makes me remind a book in which all photos contain a toy penguin travel around the world.

Joni 的評分: 5 (Joni 的個人網頁)

2005-08-18 01:44 來自香港Joni有以下回應:

睇過你的網頁後,真的好羨慕你到過這麼多地方,很開心見到你帶着小兔兔,roy和b女四處去,我去旅行時,也會帶着我的teddy bear"邊巴次仁"(西藏名)一起陪着我,我現在正努力儲錢,可以的話,想去半年旅行,非洲是首選,而東非是我不能放棄的地方,網主,你話一個女仔旅遊非洲可以嗎?....or南美洲?

tinywitch 的評分: 5 (tinywitch 的個人網頁)

2006-05-10 22:30 來自香港tinywitch有以下回應:

wow! it's almost a year already! and finally i'll be visiting kenya soon. i've joined a private tour in HK, ie only two people in the group. good thing is only two tourists in the safari car, bad thing is i have to pay extra two thousand dollars.. but anyway, i shall stay behind and go to tanzania for a few days... is three days to serengeti and ngorongoro enough? or is the schedule too tight? do local tour companies offer such short journey? coz i only wanna go to these two NP... i hope i can get a cheap package to Tanzania in Narobi coz the one that HK offered me is SUPER EXPENSIVE.(US1600/person/3days) -__-"

btw, i've changed my url...
many things happened throughout the year...
i have deleted most of my doll travelling photos from my website because some shameless people stole my pictures to make pirated bags and sold in various countries and ebay. i could never imagine such things can happen on me... even i have added signature and compressed the pictures in such a small size. anyway... that will not spoil my fun of bring toys to travel... ha!

<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2006-05-11 14:04 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:

I am sympathetic towards your photos being stolen. I also had experience of seeing my photo on a travel book published in mainland.

Yes. US1600/person/3days is super expensive! I think that even without the first '1' in the price is still expensive.

I think 3 days are too tight. Considering the traffic time to/from Tanzania and overheads on border crossing, you won't get much time for game viewings. (Maybe your super price include chartered flight to Serengeti and Ngorongoro?)

BTW. When will you go to Kenya? I'm also considering visit to Kenya. What is your price? Would you mind posting more details about your packages here? (maybe in a new thread)


Elza 的評分: 5 (Elza 的個人網頁)

2005-08-14 01:33 來自香港Elza有以下留言:

Hi! Webmaster,

A company call "Best Camping" give the offer to me.

Kenya private camping safari: 10 days (USD 1165) and extra USD 220 for 1 night at tree hotel.

Same route of above but join with max. 8 in a group: 10 days (USD 846)and extra USD 220 for 1 night at tree hotel.

Is the price is a little bit high? 8 people in a mini bus is too crow, is it? And 1 of us will not get a window seat.

What can I do?


<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2005-08-15 17:37 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:

I think these prices are ok (I don't know the price of tree hotel though).

In my trip, I chose private safari at higher price for flexible itinerary and comfort (I can put my cameras at the middle seat). I think 8 people in a mini bus may not be too crowded, but if you keen on taking photos, no window seat will be painful.

Joni 的評分: 4 (Joni 的個人網頁)

2005-08-10 02:11 來自香港Joni有以下留言:

我剛從埃及回來,這次我又是一個女仔自遊行,在埃及玩了十天,在以色列玩了五天,成個旅程都幾好玩,(唯一令我不高興的就是大量埃及好色男人,同埋我回港後,其中一張memory strick的相片自動消失晒)
在埃及去了Cairo,Aswan,Luxor,Siwa oasis(綠洲男人好好人,唔好色!),古埃及的一切真是令我不枉此行,騎單車遊帝皇谷的酷熱經歷有如參加鐵人賽;Aswan的帆船及善良的Nubian令我留下美好印象;Siwa的女性,若你能看到她們的真面目,一定會好開心,因為她們都很少走到街上,及面部都給紗布封密;每次購物時被人出言性騒擾,甚至被.....唉!總之都係一次難忘的經驗!

<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2005-08-10 08:42 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:


Joyce 的評分: 4 (Joyce 的個人網頁)

2005-08-13 03:03 來自香港Joyce有以下回應:

真的很同意網主的說法 - 「埃及就是一個令人又愛又恨的地方﹗」一方面非常不習慣埃及人對遊客的「熱情」﹐而另一方面又被它的古文明歷史吸引。總括來說埃及是一個值得遊覽的地方﹐沿著尼羅河有建築古蹟﹐神話故事﹐還有紅海渡假區的陽光海灘﹗將來有機會的話都可能會再一次遊歷埃及﹐希望到時他們對遊客的「熱情」會減退﹗

<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2005-08-13 15:46 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:

我想這個可能性比較微。 ^_^

sakura 的評分: 5 (sakura 的個人網頁)

2005-08-29 22:32 來自台灣sakura有以下回應:


<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2005-08-30 23:03 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:

如無記錯,我花了約 HK$11,000 (~NT$46,000)。年齡嘛,還是你自己想像吧,總之老你許多啦。

Alcholic 的評分: 4 (Alcholic 的個人網頁)

2006-04-02 14:21 寫上來自ShanghaiAlcholic有以下回應:

埃及男人真是有很多好色的!!但又有很Man的。若是让此等好色之徒扰了旅行兴致就好不划算啦,下次去要多叫些壮壮的男生同行 ;)

阿 冰 的評分: 3 (阿 冰 的個人網頁)

2005-08-09 11:48 來自台灣阿 冰有以下留言:




CHEN 的評分: 0 (CHEN 的個人網頁)

2005-08-09 02:47 寫上來自Mainland of ChinaCHEN有以下留言:

Is there somebody in Eygpt to ask ? i ll go there this month.

亞羅拉公主 的評分: 5 (亞羅拉公主 的個人網頁)

2005-08-08 22:05 寫上來自埃及亞羅拉公主有以下留言:


Elza 的評分: 5 (Elza 的個人網頁)

2005-08-08 09:27 來自香港Elza有以下留言:


Thanks for your comment. By the way, do you think the price of the said safari is unreasonably low?
I really worry about the company is relible or not since they made a quick response and detail information to me.


Elza 的評分: 5 (Elza 的個人網頁)

2005-08-08 21:55 來自香港Elza有以下回應:

I've got the reply from KATO today. They confirmed that Breakaway Expedition's license
will be expiring in October 2005.

Could anyone have advice?

Thanks a lot!

<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2005-08-09 00:40 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:

Is your quote a private safari? Any how many persons? For 2-person private safari, the price for the first one is good and the second one a little bit expensive. I heard that local group all-camping safari price at Nairobi airport starts from about US$70-80/day.

For reliabilty, you may ask the company to send you some referees. You can then ask them directly for comments about the company. Although this is not 100% guarantee and there are possibilities of false referee, it should give you more hints to judge. BTW. I found my Tanzanian agent from Lonely Planet's guidebook. You may also compare quotes from those agents listed in travel guidebooks with yours.

I think quick response and detail information are not necessary bad, though. Anyway, they are experts in safari planning.

Elza 的評分: 5 (Elza 的個人網頁)

2005-08-09 23:47 來自香港Elza有以下回應:

In fact, it is not a private safari. It go in a small group from 2-6. And I've got 2.

Both option serive with lodge except in Masai Mara which provide Tent with bed, toilet and shower inside.

I also send request to company which found in Lonely Planet. Just a few of them reply with quite high price for lodge safari. Minimun USD1750 for 10D/9N safari or USD1250 for 7D/6N safari. Both not include Mombasa.

<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2005-08-10 01:10 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:

My quoted price was just plain camping safari (not tented camping, which has prices close to lodges). If your quotations include some luxury lodges (which I think should have web sites easily searcheable by Yahoo or Google), the prices surely would be much higher too.

阿如 的評分: 5 (阿如 的個人網頁)

2005-08-07 15:42 來自台灣阿如有以下留言:


亞羅拉公主 的評分: 5 (亞羅拉公主 的個人網頁)

2005-08-08 22:17 寫上來自埃及亞羅拉公主有以下回應:



Yau 的評分: 5 (Yau 的個人網頁)

2005-08-07 14:16 來自香港Yau有以下留言:

It is a very good website for those who are going to plan his trip to East Africa. Thanks a lot and I'll recommend to my friends.

Elza 的評分: 5 (Elza 的個人網頁)

2005-08-06 23:08 來自香港Elza有以下留言:

Hi Webmaster!

I've got the reply from some of safari company but the price for lodge safari is quite high except the one call "Breakaway Expedition Africa".

The offer 1.
12 day safari in Kenya(include 2 day MOMBASA - half board)
NP include:Msai Mara / Nakuru / Samburu / Aberdares / Amboseli
Masai Mara (3 night) - Camp with bed, toilet and shower
1 night at ARK
Others at lodge

It only cost 1190USD (not include the fright to MOMBASA and 20% deposit need)

Offer 2:
12 days safari at Kenya and Tranzania
NP include:Masai Mara / Nakuru / Samburu / Aberdares / Arusha / Ngorongoro / Serengeti
Masai Mara (3 night) - Camp with bed, toilet and shower
1 night at ARK
Ngorongoro - Ngorongoro Wildlife
Serengeti - Seronera Wilslife
Others at lodge

It cost only 1625USD include shuttle bus from Nairobi to Arusha. (20% deposit need)

Both of them are quite attactive. However, I found the said company is not a Kato member. Kato reply that they havn't their information. The website of "Breakaway Expedition Africa" said they are fully licenced by Kenya
Government and operate to provide safari trip for 10 yrs.

I've also send an enquiry to Kenya Wildlife Service which found in Licensing Officer from the Ministry of Tourism & Wildlife for the information of that company.

Could anyone hear that company and get me an advice?

<站長> 的評分: 0 (<站長> 的個人網頁)

2005-08-07 23:43 來自香港<站長>有以下回應:

Sorry that I have no idea about the companies. Lodge safari is definitely more expensive than camping safari. However, if camping is ok to you, I would recommend at least try to camp one night in the wild.

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